What if Someone Never Heard About Jesus?

What if someone never heard the Gospel of Christ

What if Someone Never Heard About Jesus?

What if Someone Never Heard About Jesus?

In the event that Jesus is the only way to eternal life, what happens to the individuals who never get to heard about him?

I know the Bible says that knowing Jesus is the only way to get to eternal life in Heaven.

Anyhow there are individuals in remote parts of the planet who might never get an opportunity to catch wind of God or Jesus. What befalls them when they bite the dust? The Bible is clear that separated from Christ, you can’t have eternal lfe. Jesus said, “No one goes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6). How does this apply to somebody who never hears the gospel? The Bible says, ” the reality about God is known to them naturally. We were created to worship. God has put this yerning on our hearts to know him. From the time the planet was made, individuals have seen the earth and sky and all that God made. They can obviously see his undetectable qualities—his interminable power and celestial nature.
So they have no reason whatsoever for not knowing God” (Romans 1:19-20, New Living Translation). Nobody has a reason for not knowing God. That learning comes to us commonly much like the way we naturally arrive at for water when we’re extremely thirsty. It’s not something we need to take in just like God is something we need to take seriously. What’s more its not simply sense that attracts individuals to God. God utilizes visual supports too—his creation. We can see God through the celestial configuration of nature. When somebody reacts to these senses and “visual supports” and positively connects with God, God will verify that individual comprehends his or her need for Christ.
We are commanded to take the Gospel to the unreached people in scripture.

God, who adores us inconceivable wants us to go to the paradise of heaven (2 Peter 3:9), will mastermind the items for that individual to know the gospel—through a teacher, a tract, a Bible, whatever. You may think, But consider the possibility that a teacher never visits that island, or a tract never falls into those hands. What then? In the event that those things never happen, we might be guaranteed that God, who is adoring and simply, is still in control. God is sovereign, and he will dependably do what needs to be done. God is a great God, and nothing will prevent him from getting the exceptional news to even the most remote parts of the planet, “to the closures of the earth” (Acts 1:8). And as though to demonstrate it, God even gave John a flash of this paradise, where he saw individuals “from each tribe and dialect and individuals from each country” (Revelation 5:9).

The main concern: God is clearly equipped to uncover reality about himself to anybody, anyplace. Be that as it may he regularly utilizes us to do it. That is the reason Jesus’ last words to us were directions to tell everybody, all over, the great news of God’s adoration (Matthew 28:19-20).
God calls every last one of us to impart his affection to the individuals around us. Perhaps he’s actually calling you to take this great news “to the closures of the earth.” Do you have such calling and are scared. Be in prayer about sharing the gospel. You can help ministries like Pioneer bring the gospel to the 5000 or more people groups who have not heard it yet. Operation world is a great informative place to learn more about saving those who have not heard the gospel of Christ. As Christians we know what we need to do.

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